Make your own Unique Perfume

Aromascope led me to a website called DNA Fragrance, which – for $114.98 – will take a swab of your DNA from inside your mouth, then will base a new fragrance around your DNA. They promise it won’t smell bad, and it’s not a pheramone. A few of the commenters on the Aromascope comments remain skeptical, including SniffQ:

If you read the privacy policy, you’ll notice that they SEEM to protect you, but can, according to their own policy, submit your DNA to the the master health insurance bureau or the CIA, or, for that matter, the police. And while they tell you they will protect it, the Homeland Security rules now in place say that any DNA sample have to be turned over when asked for. Naaahhh, I’ll find my own perfumes. This just creeps me out.

I’m not sure if I’d ever use it, and I’m pretty sure my perfume would reek, despite what they say!

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